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Mediation can be used resolve any kind of dispute.
Mediation is often used in litigation disputes, but have you thought about using mediation early on, specifically to prevent problems escalating? Like when you feel that litigating wouldn’t be in your best interest.

Early‘intervention mediations now account for almost half of my mediation practice.


Nigel has over 150 Mediations under his belt.  He offers excellent skills during mediation including tough questioning and reality testing.  He has experience in the following areas:
•Landlord and Tenant Disputes
•Contractual Disputes
• Music Industry Disputes
• Copyright Disputes
• Publishing Disputes
• Intellectual Property
• Manager/Agent Disputes
• Local Authority Disputes
• Record Company Disputes
• Commercial Disputes

Nigel's business experience spans 35 years and has involved manufacturing and property companies as well as a long career negotiating contracts in the music industry.  His ability to help settle disputes and negotiate solutions has helped establish him as a senior music consultant dealing with multi-national companies and individuals.  His relaxed style, calm confidence and sense of humour have helped parties in the mediation process prioritise issues and reach settlement.


“Nigel's style was informal but firm and he was able to convey each parties position to the other in a relaxed and calm way”
“This was a long running dispute and we achieved an acceptable financial settlement and restored the commercial relationship between the parties”
“I am quite sure that this dispute would have ended in an expensive litigation had it not been for Nigel’s grasp of the details and his skilful mediation leaving both parties content”


Civil and Commercial Accreditation (ADR)
Dual Qualification giving International Accreditation


• Extensive experience in negotiating and settling disputes - 35 years contract negotiation experience
• Experienced mediator with 150 mediations.
• Personable, calm and confident - Nigel's relaxed style, calm confidence have helped parties in the mediation process prioritise issues and reach settlement.
• Available to work anywhere - Nigel is based in Buckinghamshire and is within easy reach of London.  Nigel is willing to travel anywhere in the UK and internationally.


Dispute involving breach of contract
Dispute involving Local Authority and SEN 
Dispute involving non-fulfilment of contractual obligations
Dispute involving non payment
Dispute involving non delivery
Dispute involving union protected employee and a production company
Dispute involving unfair dismissal
Dispute involving landlord and tenant